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Annie Schoonman

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Connecticut and the Carolina's are all beautiful states however during my childhood spent there, I always wondered about a state my Grandfather spoke highly of, "God's Country". He talked about the four seasons, wildlife, the grandeur and immense beauty. We visited "God's Country" when I was 12, with the lakes and mountains, seemingly endless attractions, state parks, locals with a wicked cool accent, it was truly the most amazing place I had ever been.  My parents relocated to "God's Country" a year later, to the lovely state of New Hampshire.
This state continued to fascinate me, with the foliage in Autumn, the blizzard of 1979, mud season in anticipation of Spring and summer on the freshwater, natural surrounding lakes. The architecture so different than that of the Carolina's, this is what manifested my pure fascination with Real Estate. It also taunted me to eventually become a PSIA alpine ski instructor, snowmobile enthusiast, a previous owner of an island property on Lake Winnipesaukee, avid hiker, artist, equestrian, and a real estate appraiser. 
After 20 years of full-time employment in the real estate industry, I look forward to sharing my wealth of knowledge and experience with whatever your real estate needs may be.  



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